Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crashing Cassander's Curse

General Cassander was a small mean ugly toad  who's sole goal was to destroy anything Alexander and Olympias. Is there a way to Kill  the evil of the Antipaters? Well first way is to recognize what has been going on. Especially for the reincarnations of  the main players......Recognize it and send it back to Hell to the one who created it.

I bet if Olympias and Thessalonike could dump it in the dirt easy enough if reunited.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Macedon--The Musical

I have made some choices for my fantasy casting my musical based on Olympias and Alexander.

Liam Neeson--Philip
Justin Timberlake--Alexander
Anne Hathaway--Cleopatra
Lily Cole--Thessalonike
Colin Farrell--Cassander (Cassander always an Alexander Wanna Be!)
Johnny Depp--Young Ptolemy
Helena Bonnam Carter--Niceipolis
Jake Gyllenhall--Hephaistion
Christopher Plummer--Aristotle (reprising role from Alexander)
Hopkins--Old Ptolemy (reprising role from Alexander)
Lourdes--Arsinoe II (The reincarnation of Olympias)

The Three Witches: One found the dying Olympias on the beach and they got together to see she could resurrect when it was time and bring every one back from Cassander's Curse
Julie Andrews-Helen Mirren-Judy Dench

I will cast further....once I make up my mind