Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Son Of A God

The claim that Alexander was a God was made by his mother, Olympias. He was not the son of Philip but that of Zeus. And was later confirmed by the Oracle at Siwa. A thought came to me the other day that these claims of various heroes of old may have had some truth to it. It's more than possible that as in the millenniums before that angels bred with human. The Nephilim was the product of  these unions. God may have wiped out the race via the flood, but it doesn't say that no more was born after the fact,

The tale said that the the originals were Giants. I frankly take this as more of a metaphor. I think it referred more to character and personality as oposed to stature.

So would that make Alexander a Nephilim? Only Mom would know for sure...But then maybe she just didn't want her son to be like his father.

But there is also another take on this god thing......Maybe ancient aliens masqueraded as the gods. And created Alexander as a immaculate birth or even a clone of Olympias. They say they were physically identical except one was male and one was female.

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Veritas said...

And for that matter, Jesus Christ would have been a Nephilim too.