Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tomb For Two

So why was it that the Ptolemies went to Hell in a hand basket, so to speak. I think I know the answer to this riddle, even if the Sphinx doesn't. Suppose after Olympias sealed Alexander's tomb, with the worst sort of magick, Ptolemy, opened it, not knowing exactly what she had done. Why would he do this? I think there would have been only one reason he would have. I think Olympias' body was found after Cassander had her enemies stone her. Something he hadn't counted on. I think she washed up on shore a few miles away. And whom ever found her alerted Ptolemy's people and they secreted her body back to Egypt to him. And in reverence to them both the first Ptolemy opened the tomb and reunited mother and son.

This depiction of Olympias riding a sea creature is strange in a way. But she being a worshipper of Dionysus and part of the myth of him has to do with the sea. Could it have been a wry way letting people know that she was rescued from a watery grave by Dionysus?

If I am right....and I am. The curse on this tomb is a horrible one that is not diminished by time.

Actually this had occurred to me last week that something extraordinary may have happened concerning Olympias. But alas I could not post it then cause my internet was acting up thoroughly and I was fussing with it all week long and miraculously it finally came back. But I lost my screensaaver photo show with a whole bunch of pictures from Egypt and Alexander and Olympias and all, when I did a compress files to see if that would help. It didn't. But it did mess up a good deal of my photos folders and it disappeared somewhere into my computer and I can't find it anywhere. So I had to redo the whole thing. Oh well something happen...for a reason. Isn't this a neat date to post this...Mother's Day.

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Veritas said...

Who won't be Digging up Alexander and Olympias? Zahi Hawass. He resigned a few days ago, when his main backer, President Mubarak was sent packing.

I warned him away from trying to did up Cleopatra, but he wouldn't listen.